Ensure quality affordable healthcare for every Virginian

Healthcare is complex but a very simple fact is that many of the decisions affecting your ability to get quality affordable healthcare are made in Richmond, not in Washington, D.C. Here in Virginia, it’s unacceptable that our legislature isn’t committed to providing healthcare for everyone in the state. It’s not only the right thing to do but it’s also the responsible thing to do.
We cannot afford to withhold coverage from 400,000 Virginians. This campaign is committed to making sure that every Virginian is protected under an umbrella of quality, affordable coverage.

Keep public money in our public schools

There is no version of The American Dream that doesn’t include a quality education. Every child in Virginia deserves the best possible education, not one that depends on where he or she lives. Improving the quality of our schools is the most important investment that we can ever make. That’s why we will not let for-profit companies undermine our public schools by siphoning off your money into a risky charter school experiment that is expensive, unproven, and held to lower standards than public schools.

Fund programs for people with disabilities

The novelist Pearl S. Buck once said, “The test of a civilization is the way that it cares for its helpless members.” If we want to talk about making America great then let’s make sure we’re talking about protecting the health, welfare, and dignity of those who are disabled. When we provide them with support, people with disabilities can succeed.

The case for investing in individuals with disabilities and their families is not simply that it’s humane (though it clearly is the compassionate thing to do). It’s also that a smart investment in support for people with disabilities can yield a huge return. When we provide them with the support and programs they need, we allow them to become productive members of the workforce and the community.

Protect our environment, especially Chesapeake Bay

In 2017, man-made climate change is no longer controversial. All of our armed services as well as NASA and an overwhelming majority of scientists are clear about what’s happening. The reality we’re confronting every day is no longer deniable or avoidable. The great opportunity of the next decade will be aligning our policies and industries with the needs of our planet.

Here in Virginia, let’s begin with a bipartisan effort to protect the Chesapeake Bay. Now is the time to create 21st century jobs that will restore our local environment and let our children enjoy the cleanest Chesapeake Bay possible.

Provide our military families the support they deserve

Kimberly Anne is a military wife and mother. She understands the challenges that military families face and will fight to make sure that Virginia’s commitment to our our military families here on the peninsula is the strongest in the nation. Virginia and Washington need to be partners in an effort to make sure that every military family has the resources it needs to thrive. We must do no less.