For The Future



Kimberly Anne is a retired educator, a cancer survivor, a military wife and mother, and a grassroots organizer. As a teacher and Assistant Principal, Kimberly had a firsthand look at our public school system, the impact it has on students’ lives, and the vital role it plays in our communities. That experience fostered her commitment to protecting and strengthening our public school system.

But it was a journey through our healthcare system that inspired the cornerstone of her campaign for the House of Delegates. Kimberly was successful in a battle against cancer but understood that there might have been a very different outcome if it weren’t for the excellent medical coverage she was fortunate enough to have. That insight inspired her campaign for the House of Delegates and motivated her commitment to ensuring that every man, woman, and child in Virginia has the coverage they need.

As a military wife and mother, Kimberly’s commitment to Virginia’s military families is deeply rooted and personal. Her husband of 23 years, Johnny Tucker, retired after a distinguished career as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps. Her two older children — William and Brandon — served in the Air Force and Army, respectively while her youngest, Brianna, is in the Army Reserves and is enrolled in ROTC. Kimberly is proud of her family’s long and storied history in Virginia Beach, especially its enduring ties to the Seatack community.

The founder of one of the largest grassroots activist groups in Hampton Roads, Kimberly has demonstrated the clear ability to channel the energy of our communities into meaningful engagement for change. Her campaign for the House of Delegates for Virginia’s 81st district can be summed up in her campaign’s motto: “I’m not running for office, I’m running for you.” The experience she brings to this race — as a teacher, administrator, cancer survivor, and change agent — will ensure that the voice of the people will finally be heard in Richmond.